AWS Consultants and software developers

We believe that the cloud is the future, and we love making services for it

About Us

Created in 2020 and located in downtown Gothenburg, Sweden

We’re a small company located in Gothenburg, but we claim that we have both bigger hearts and interests in tech and development than our bigger brothers and sisters out there. We’ve been operating since 2020 and during that time mostly been working in the cloud. We believe that cloud services are here to stay, and the future looks interesting.


Tools of the trade


Amazon Web Services, with focus on Serverless solutions and AWS best practices. AWS Certified Developer Associate.


Several different DevOps related techniques and frameworks, and a DevOps focused mindset. Tools include Kubernetes, CodeDeploy, Circle CI and more.


Python, GoLang, Scala, Java, Python, NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, React Native

Open Source

Tux represents our love for open source and the possibilities it brings. And don’t worry, we know how to use both Linux and Windows.

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